Asociatia pentru Educatie si Formare - ROMANIA

Asociatia pentru Educatie si Formare - ROMANIA

Asociatia pentru Educatie si Formare - ROMANIA

Association for Education and Training Bacau is a teachers association, a training center for adults. We have accredited courses for training of trainers, Mentor, IT Skills, STEAM and robotic, Emotional intelligence, and social intelligence- key competencies in the education of the future. ASEF is a non-profit association born in April 2008 in Bacau.

Our mission statement is educational care for young people and adults at risk of social exclusion, develop new skills of new technologies, IT and digitalization, preventive activities to improve social and educational inclusion, sport projects, training courses, social projects for a person with disabilities, research on education, revitalization, and promotion of social participation in the environment.

The objectives of the Association for Education and Training Bacau are:

to create an environment favorable to develop the best practice of education,

to enhance the European intercultural dialogue, sport, and volunteer projects,

to promote and develop creativity for long life learning concepts and for the project too,

to create a favorable atmosphere for inclusive education at the level of the members of association and partners,

to develop recommendations for a healthy life,

to promote common European values, such as tolerance, respect for people, culture and tradition, multiculturalism, and linguistic diversity,

to make all the members have equal chances for self-development with no discrimination.

Our activities are:

-English courses for teachers in need of professional qualifications

-Training for teachers and youth

-Volunteer Training

-General education courses for adults with skill needs

-Computer courses for adults

-Youth and adult education projects with European funding

-Educational and social support for children

-School for students from primary level to adult levels

-Edition of didactic materials.

The Association for Education and Training Bacau is an institution open collaboration and partnership, interested to participate and initiate national and international projects, offering to all members' opportunities for affirmation and valorization.