Conlan School Limited - UNITED KINGDOM

Conlan School Limited - UNITED KINGDOM

Conlan School Limited - UNITED KINGDOM

Conlan School is an English language school in Abergele (Wales) and Chester (England) which couples the teaching of language with experience of active communication, in an environment rich in cultural and linguistic stimuli. The school counts 7 staff members and has over 1000 students.

“Our vision is to provide a thought-provoking, transformative experience through the delivery of English language training focusing on global citizenship education and work-based learning. This is delivered through uncompromising adherence to quality, unparalleled customer service, and informative experiences and activities. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique social environments by fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity.”

Our values are not just about how we work with the people on our programs; they are how we conduct ourselves with our colleagues, our partners, and all our stakeholders. Our values apply to everyone regardless of role or position in the company. They are:


Care and Respect for all


Accountability and pride in our work

We integrate the teaching of English as a foreign language with non-formal learning activities that involve our students in developing professional and citizen competencies. We offer the tailored and inclusive approach in teaching English.

We provide education and training in the following topics:

  • Spoken English and Interactions
  • English for the Job Market: Interviews
  • English for the Job Market: Curriculum Vitae Development
  • Trinity Exam Preparation
  • Global Citizenship Topics

We use blended learning to enhance the experience of our students. This is an innovative approach that integrates digital experience with our on-site learning activities.

We are committed to:

Employing people who will uphold our values

Creating a working environment in which all our people feel valued and can “own it”

Encouraging and supporting all our people to achieve their best

Identifying and satisfying training and development needs so our people can perform and develop their potential

A fair system of recognition, reward, and promotion.