Konya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü - TURKEY

Konya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü - TURKEY

Konya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü - TURKEY

Konya Provincial National Education Directorate is a governmental organization in charge of the planning and coordination of all kinds of education and training activities from preschool to secondary and adult education in Konya Province. Our organization is responsible for all education and training including adult education and training activities in central Konya and 31 districts of Konya. We are an umbrella organization that is responsible for coordinating education and training covering 2.682 schools, 34.648 teachers, and 500.975 students.

Our Directorate includes Personnel, Appointment, Examination Investigation, and Evaluation, Culture, Education-Training, and Student Affairs, Program Development, In-Service Training, EU Project Department, Computer and Test Services, Pre-Primary Education, Special Education and Guidance, Physical Training Sports in School, Services for Teacher and Social Affairs, Scholarships, and Lodging, Private Education Institutions, Health Affairs, Non-Formal Education, Apprenticeship and Vocational Technical Education, Research Planning and Statistics, Budget Investment and Facilities, Education Materials and Tools, Archive and Administration Department, Civil Defence Services, and Media and Public Relations. The institution is responsible for teachers out of staff, students, primary and high schools.

Our vision; is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete for equivalent institutions in Turkey and in modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of the Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value, and technology required for the Knowledge Era.

Our mission; is to ensure to boost efficiency and productivity of associated institutions and of employees and pleasure of worker and service fields; to develop the education-teaching the process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out researches; to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of the National Education System in Konya Province.

We hold a variety of in-service training courses for our staff to enhance the educational quality of our city and to ensure to train the students by the teachers that are innovators and follow modern education-teaching methods very closely.

We solve problems encountered in education-teaching together with the Municipality of Konya, 5 public and private universities in Konya Province. We as educators believe that it is our crucial duty to provide education to be intercultural and innovative, to promote drama-based speaking skills of both teachers and students.

We are one of the most successful provinces in Turkey in preparation for EU Projects and getting funds from National Agency in Turkey. We have a Project Coordination Department in our directorate and nine staffs work in this department. Our staffs are experts in their fields. As of 2020, we are running 23 Erasmus+ KA1/KA2 projects either as a coordinator or partner.

According to our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, our SWOT analysis results are as follows: https://cutt.ly/jt0ePtZ


  • Preparing and participating in EU funded projects with high motivation
  • Close monitoring of the current changes and needs in education and training by the directors


  • Insufficient opportunities to develop English Language Teaching with innovative methodologies
  • Lack of interaction with the institutions and organizations throughout Europe that will contribute to the development of ELT teachers
  • Lack of opportunities for students to improve their skills in learning a foreign language
  • Lack of integrating drama into teaching a foreign language
  • Lack of using ICT skills by English teachers for continuous professional development

As Konya İL MEM, we organize in-service training activities for our teachers according to the needs of the time. In this project, we will equip the teachers in our region with the skills to integrate drama in teaching a foreign language. The teacher training department is responsible for organizing in-service training courses for teachers in all the areas that the developments in the educational field are required. Also, they are responsible for organizing teacher training courses for the trainee teachers who are newly appointed to Konya.

By taking into consideration our weaknesses, as the provincial directorate, we aim to develop the personal and professional skills of ELT teachers, provide them with the skills to teach a foreign language with new, innovative methods, and develop the ICT skills of teachers via using e-learning platform efficiently.